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The figures of estimated production of table olives for the present 2011-2012 season will reach a new record

Table olive production is also tipped to rise. The  IOC writes in its August newsletter that estimates are for lower production than last season in some European countries, such as Spain and Greece, but should be offset by higher production in Syria (165,000 tons, up 16 percent), Iran (45,000 tons, up 88 percent), and Turkey (450,000 tons, up 36 percent).
In Egypt, table olive production is set to reach 150 percent on a year ago, reaching a record 500,000 tons. Egypt’s olive cultivation is destined to the table olive varieties. It was a pioneer in micro irrigation and now an expert in using poor-quality aquifer water.
In Tunisie, and in USA, however, the situation is the oposite caused by the effecct of bad climatolologies.
International trade
In the first eight months of 2010/11, aggregate imports by Australia, Brazil, Canada, Japan, the U.S. and the EU27 climbed 123,440 tons, up 13% on a year ago.
From October to June, imports increased into Brazil ( up 23 percent) Canada ( up 7 percent) and the USA ( up 9 percent). Conversely, Australian and Japanese imports fell by 1 percent and 12 percent respectively. EU data was not yet available for June, but the figures for the first seven months show a comparative rise of 16 percent on last season.
US/Canada promotion
According to IOC, US/Canada olive oil and table olive promotion launch will take place on September 21, during Fashion Week at New York’s Lincoln Center. Under the slogan of “Add Some Life”.

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