viernes, 27 de mayo de 2011

Conference (Olivebioteq-2011) next autumn in Crete (Greece)

Invitation to the Event:
The first Conference on ‘Biotechnology and olive products quality in the Mediterranean’ (Olivebioteq-2004) was organized in Errachidia Morocco in November 2004, the second (Olivebioteq-2006) in Palermo, Italy in October 2006 and the 3rd (Olivebioteq-2009) in Sfax Tunisia in December 2009.
The fourth Conference (Olivebioteq-2011) will be held in Crete, Greece in autumn 2011 (31/10-4/11/2011) in collaboration with national and international organizations.  
We organize this 4th Conference to promote scientists, technicians, students but also managers, exporters and policy makers to exchange their own experiences in the olive sector and start to cooperate for a new, sustainable and profitable olive industry around the world.
We are confident that the opportunity to meet together in Crete, Greece, an island with remarkable Mediterranean civilization, long olive history, beauty and hospitality, will facilitate to extend the results of this exchange to the professionals to improve the environmental and economical sustainability of the olive industry

Conference Topics:
The submitted presentations should be related to olive growing and olive products and be included within the following general topics:
Genetic resources, breeding and propagation
Biology, physiology, response to abiotic factors
Planting systems and mechanization of pruning / harvesting
Table olive and olive oil technology / Management of olive industry by-products
Quality, safety and human health issues for olive products
Orchard management with emphasis on sustainable use of agricultural practices
Pest and disease control
Economics and marketing

I would like to meet myshelf there. It looks very interesting!!!!

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